Mandalas and Texts on Dreams by Symbols and Stories

This one I call "Death Scribe One." It was drawn as a result of a dream involving a figure resembling a Latin American figure, probably myself, mixed with some of the symbolism that resulted with some of my emotions about the state of art in Mexico as I experienced it in the year 2001. The story was that a figure arrived and told of liberation within the sphere of his old Peruvian fathers. It was a death tale. "The dead shall return, when there is no one left to destroy us." the figure told me. "Let us deal with injury and draw our soul returning to the plane of this world." We were above the ground, on air. We slided into position over the plaza, ordering our Té. Nobody minded, so I began to illustrate this figure. When I woke up, I had to transcribe the process of identifying the split between the character who represented the scribe's authority on art, and the duty to transcribe affection for the disaffected that I felt as the scribe of the hieroglyphs that I had drawn in the dream, of the sun and moon, and the seven days beyond twilight.

This is a dream story that revolves around the myth of the destruction of the sarcophagus of the heroic son by the god of chaos who unknowingly is his father.

The burial temple containing the sarcophagus of the dead king Five Serpent lies just south of Chichen Itza. The god of death Ten Jaguar comes into the plaza. He sees the people serving him, and becomes wrathful and angry at himself, because no one knew him the way that people revered the now dead king Five Serpent and his sister, Four Ocelot. The man who is the king of the city comes into the plaza. He tells him that he had begotten Five Serpent and Four Ocelot himself, through means that no one understood, without being present or accountable for his error, in the wombs of the women Four Hand, and his tireless servant Two Bird. These two became his concubine in the heavens of the sky, giving birth to two children. No one knew why. It was his turn to be readied inside the ball game courts. He was asked to go back to the ocean, and find his son who was born inside the sea, Lord Five Night. This son was the one that would be given the key to the nether realm, and was responsible enough to give to his father the one key of the temple of the future.

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